Nuvemshop Integration

Nuvemshop is now available on
11/07/2023·Guilherme Tavano

We're thrilled to bring you the latest chapter in our journey to streamline your e-commerce experience. Introducing the new integration of with Nuvemshop, an e-commerce platform for growing businesses!

Seamless Integration for Growth

Our goal is simple: to empower your e-commerce store with the robust capabilities of Nuvemshop, making it easier than ever to expand your business.

Simply fill in your Nuvemshop store details on, and you're all set to fetch your products and customize your frontend.

Available Features

- Product Shelf

- Product Listing Pages

- Category and Search

- Product Details Page

- Minicart

- Checkout Proxied

It's about bringing the functionality of Nuvemshop into, where your e-commerce vision takes on a new life, more customizable and fast.