deco.cx is a modern web development platform that offers a simple and efficient tech stack combined with powerful features to create blazingly fast websites.

What sets deco.cx apart is its personalization features and how easy it is to manage content without code changes. deco.cx also makes it easy for developers to code UI components and behavior using a simple web stack with Preact, Tailwind and Deno. We are the platform to create headless commerce experiences.

How it works

When you create a site in deco.cx, it's automatically deployed on the edge in 12 regions world-wide on Deno Deploy. This means your pages are served close to users, ensuring lightning-fast performance. Additionally, we provide you with a Github repository where you can manage your code and collaborate with others on your team. With deco.cx, you can focus on building your site without worrying about deployment or repository management.

One of deco's unique capabilities is the ability for developers to declare how UI components and functions can be configured, which then become forms that can be easily edited by business users. deco's personalization engine offers a range of features on top of this customization, unlocking new opportunities for businesses to tailor their content to individual users.

deco.cx sites and stores have stellar performance thanks to a combination of edge deployment, server-side rendering, and server-side navigation. As a result, our typical sites score above 90 on Google's Lighthouse scores, which translates to better SEO and higher conversion rates.

Whether you're a developer, marketer, or business owner, deco.cx offers an innovative and accessible way to create and manage websites and online stores. Developers handle the code part, but they make it easy for business users to edit text and images without needing to write any code themselves.

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