AR&Co kickstarts digital shift: Baw goes headless with

AR&Co. is getting its headless strategy off the ground, with both quality and speed by trusting as its frontend solution.
25/04/2023Maria Cecilia Marques vs. WordPress

Elevate your building experience without sacrificing community and flexibility
23/05/24Maria Cecilia Marques

Introducing 2.0: A New Era for Frontend Development

Typescript, Tailwind web editor with realtime collaboration, AI assistant, SEO configuration and much more. Check out 2.0.
10/04/ Team

At the grass IS greener!

10 sites on with approved CWV
5/10/2024Maria Cecilia Marques

Hospitalar Distribuidora's ROAS skyrockets from 4 to 19 with and N1 Agency

A strategic overhaul in healthcare ecommerce marketing and performance
11/03/2024By Maria Cecilia Marques

Edge Async Rendering

New rendering mode unlocking instant page responses
20/02/2024Tiago Gimenes

Adding Animations to Your Website

How to Apply Customizable Animations in Sections
08/02/2024Ana Carolina Duarte Cavalcante

How supports SEO

A review by GearSEO
02/02/2024Maria Cecilia Marques & Luciano Junior

What is the best e-commerce platform for SEO?

Discover the essential factors to consider when choosing an e-commerce platform with strong SEO support
02/02/2024Rodrigo Botinhão

Core Web Vitals App

New App to see your Core Web Vitals results
26/12/2023Guilherme Tavano

Euro Colchões’ top digital experience increases in-store sales

Euro Colchões' three-person team increased its ecommerce PageSpeed score from 7 to 80, transforming Euro's online and physical presence
01/12/2024By Maria Cecilia Marques

New Daisy UI Components in the Storefront

Discover how this change can aid in the development of your websites.
22/12/2023Vinicius Trindade

From challenges to breakthroughs: our remarkable Black Friday story

Preparations, uptime, customer testimonials, and more.
12/13/2023Maria Cecilia Marques

Nuvemshop Integration

Nuvemshop is now available on
07/11/2023Guilherme Tavano

How to Prepare for 2023's Black Friday

Checklist for a smooth shopping season
06/11/2023Tiago Gimenes

deco play

Use's powerful CMS directly from the command line
31/10/2023Héricles Emanuel

New Analytics Tool

Analytics with realtime, goals and conversions!
24/10/2023Matheus Gaudencio and Nathan Luiz

Performance Lab: How Tags Affect a Perfectly Optimized Storefront

Find out what's the best score a complex store can really get
20/03/2024Leandro Borges e Vinicius Trindade


Create and manage Redirects
20/10/2023Igor Brasileiro

New Editor

Easier to use, refreshed UI, and better JSON editing
18/10/2023Lucis and the team

A jornada da Zee.Dog com

Descubra como a Zee.Dog retomou o controle do seu frontend para oferecer uma experiência de compra na web sem-igual
17/10/2023Por Maria Cecilia Marques

Admin Reloaded

Kicking Off October Launch Month 🚀
12/10/2023Guilherme and the team

6 months of stores in production

A journey of learning
10/10/2023Gui Tavano, Tiago Gimenes


Revolutionizing Web Development
06/10/2023Marcos Candeia, Tiago Gimenes

A nova fase da Lojas Torra com a

Como a Lojas Torra dobrou sua taxa de conversão após migrar o front do seu ecommerce para a
31/08/2023Por Maria Cecilia Marques

How to use apps to add functionality to your sites.

Discover how our headless platform helps e-commerce stores convert more customers by simplifying the creation and maintenance of fast, customizable stores.
23/01/2023Marcos Candeia, Tiago Gimenes

Como a faz sua loja converter mais

Descubra como a nossa plataforma headless ajuda lojas virtuais a converter mais clientes, simplificando a criação e manutenção de lojas rápidas e personalizáveis.
14/04/2023Rafael Crespo

América Latina e o futuro das experiências digitais

Discurso da abertura da segunda Hackathon
03/12/2023Guilherme Rodrigues

Minha experiência com

Recriando a página da deno-land utilizando a plataforma da com as tecnologias: Deno, Fresh, Preact e Twind.
03/01/2023Guilherme Tavano

A vida é curta

Por Paul Graham, traduzido por ChatGPT.
11/29/2022Chat GPT