New Analytics Tool

Analytics with realtime, goals and conversions!
10/24/2023·Matheus Gaudencio and Nathan Luiz


Following up on Updated Redirects configuration, we're releasing today the new analytics tool. We comprehend the significance of tracking every step of website users, from their first access to the site, to viewing a product, completing a purchase, and more. That's why we have evolved our tool!

Analytics on deco

We understand that data collection tools can impact the platform's performance. For this reason, deco uses a tool that seeks to strike a balance between performance and the collection of essential data needed for the analysis of various website usage metrics.

In addition to a smaller and more efficient data collector, we also have some exciting updates with the new tool!

Better UI/UX

Our new, user-friendly and visually appealing analytics tool provides metrics such as location, device, operating system, and bounce rate, making it a more enjoyable experience.


Realtime Analytics

Realtime Dashboard

See your current visitors in real-time. No more waiting two days for data.

Goals and Funnels

Funnels Dashboard

It's also possible to see at which point in the purchasing journey the user decides to interrupt the process. This can happen during the initial page view, immediately after adding a product to the cart, or even during the checkout!

Analytics Apps

You can view the code that powers Deco Analytics, and even make contributions!

To use this tool, you need to update the deco-cx/apps to version 0.17.3 or higher.

In the coming days, we will commence the roll-out to our production customers. That's it for today. Keep an eye out for our next release!