Admin Reloaded

Kicking Off October Launch Month 🚀
12/10/2023Guilherme and the team

Welcome to the New Admin Beta and the Start of October Launch Month

Hey Deco users, we have something new for you!

Today, we’re excited to introduce the beta version of our revamped admin panel, available now at Let’s get straight into what’s new and what you can expect in the coming weeks.

1. New Navigation and Topbar Menus

New navigation menu on

Switching teams is now hassle-free. Do it straight from the topbar, no need to return to the home page. Access team members and billing options instantly, and with the new integrated menu, Pages, Sections, and Analytics are just a click away.

2. New Site Home

New site home

We’ve made it simpler and more intuitive, focusing on a clean design that puts your site and important info front and center.

3. New Admin Pages


Visualize the sections on your site

Your new Visual Library is here. Easily edit and create headers, footers, banners, and more with the available components.


New apps screen

Manage all your installed apps and their settings in one place. And keep an eye out - we’re rolling out improvements throughout the month.


Deployments on

Track deno deploy versions, and roll back with ease. Every new commit is displayed, making version management a breeze.


Logs on

Access logs from any deployment, filter by date, and pinpoint errors quickly and accurately. Never guess what's happening in production again!

Coming Up in October Launch Month

We’re not stopping here. Every week, we’re rolling out new features leading up to the official launch of the new admin panel on October 31st, coinciding with our Fourth Hackathon. Here’s a sneak peek:

  • End-to-end New Analytics and VTEX Funnel
  • A new editor with full variant support and enhanced publishing
  • Easy redirects and proxies setup
  • SEO updates and simplified new site creation
  • Quick start on
  • Unified release history and easy version restoring with GH + Deco integration
  • A comprehensive library of ecommerce components
  • One-click app installations from Deco hub

Final Words

The beta version of the new admin is live, and we’re eager to hear your feedback. Explore, test, and let us know your thoughts in the #admin-feedback channel on our Discord server. Note that you can continue using the stable version at

Stay tuned for weekly updates, and get ready for the official launch on October 31st. See you soon!

Happy coding!

The team