New Editor

Easier to use, refreshed UI, and better JSON editing
10/18/2023·Lucis and the team

New Editor

Following up on our Admin Reloaded, we're releasing today the new CMS editor. This release includes a redesigned layout based on feedback from our users, an emphasis on content segmentation, and a new inline JSON editor.


You can test it right now by accessing the admin via

New Layout

The editor now sits on the left sidebar and it comes with a simpler UI, without compromises. The dynamic form, which varies based on the current block, takes more of the screen's width and its refined inputs provide a better editing experience.

Publish instantly

The action bar on the top of the editor was also simplified. Only one click is necessary to publish content, and secondary actions (like creating a draft of splitting traffic) are available in the submenus.

Developer Mode

Power users are very important to deco and now they get their own mode in the CMS. Developer Mode provides a powerful JSON editor with IDE-like features and instant data validation. Toggle it on the top-right of the sidebar.


Drafts and Variants

To better suit work-in-progress content, Drafts can now be created directly from the top bar and they stay listed on the Variants portion of the editor. This allows sharing the URL so coworkers can preview the block with changes that were made.

Variants, which are used to segment content to different audiences, are now first-class citizens in the editor and it's easier than ever to, for example, create a different page setup for Mobile users. From the Publish button it's possible to split traffic between the current and new versions

That's it for today. Keep an eye out for our next release.