Introducing 2.0: A New Era for Frontend Development

Typescript, Tailwind web editor with realtime collaboration, AI assistant, SEO configuration and much more. Check out 2.0.
10/04/2024· Team

Today marks the launch of 2.0, an evolution of our platform built upon feedback from our community and a deep understanding of the challenges facing modern web developers. This release embodies our commitment to simplifying the development process while providing powerful, flexible tools that cater to both developers and content creators.

- New Navigation with Left Menu: To streamline your workflow, we've introduced a new navigation schema. This redesign prioritizes quick access to frequently used features, enhancing productivity and reducing time spent searching for tools.

- Spaces and Windows: This feature introduces a more organized way to manage multiple tasks and edit different blocks simultaneously, significantly improving multitasking capabilities within the platform.

- Search and Command Bar: A unified search and command interface allows for efficient navigation and action execution across your projects, directly addressing the need for speed in modern development environments.

- Code Editor and decopilot: The integrated code editor and our new AI assistant, decopilot, are designed to streamline coding and creative processes. No need to clone a git repository to do a quick fix on a TypeScript file. Just code directly in the browser, assisted by our GPT-powered decopilot.

- Advanced SEO Configuration and Theme Customization: These enhancements offer deeper control over site optimization and branding, enabling developers to fine-tune their projects for better performance and coherence. Editing Tailwind themes has never been this fun.

- Release Diff and Staging Environment: With these features, 2.0 addresses the entire development lifecycle, from initial creation to testing and deployment, ensuring that developers have the tools needed to deliver quality web experiences efficiently.

- Real-Time Collaboration: Seeing teammates' avatars and changes in real time brings a new level of collaboration to your projects, reminiscent of the live collaboration seen in tools like Figma, but tailored for web development.

- Shortcuts: Keyboard shortcuts have been implemented to expedite common tasks, reflecting our understanding of the developer's preference for keyboard-driven interfaces.

- Self Service Onboarding and Billing: With direct access to onboarding and billing, we empower users to manage their experience autonomously, reflecting a shift towards self-service in software platforms.

- Developer Profile and Blog: By introducing developer profiles and improved blog management, 2.0 fosters a community and enhances content management, recognizing the role of developers as both creators and contributors. 2.0 represents a significant leap forward in our mission to simplify web development while empowering developers with the tools they need to succeed in today's fast-paced digital landscape. Dive into 2.0 and discover how these new features can transform your development workflow.