Euro Colchões’ top digital experience increases in-store sales

Euro Colchões' three-person team increased its ecommerce PageSpeed score from 7 to 80, transforming Euro's online and physical presence
January 12, 2024
By Maria Cecilia Marques
7 to 80
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Revenue (month-over-month)
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Euro Colchões, a leading brand in the Brazilian wellness market, faced challenges in its digital transformation journey. With an online store struggling with low PageSpeed scores, outdated content, ineffective A/B testing, and poor SEO, they realized a need for profound change to enhance their ecommerce and physical store synergy.

"As soon as I joined Euro Colchões, it was clear to me that we needed to partner with top-tier solutions for each step of the customer journey, and was an evident first move." - Kellerman Costa, Head of Digital Transformation
Kellerman Costa, Head of Digital Transformation @ Euro Colchões
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Under the leadership of Kellerman Costa, Eurocolchões embarked on a bold plan to revamp their digital presence using's headless solution. This approach offered full control over the frontend, facilitating content updates, performance improvements, and a more efficient buyer's journey.

After assessing wether to outsource or execute the project in-house, Costa and his team decided to do the migration themselves. This decision was critical, especially because the project didn't only involve a shift in frontend technology, it also encompassed re-structuring Euro's catalog, changing the buyer's journey to highlight mattress sizes before all other product information and adding other partners such as Intelipost and Parafuzo.

Euro's three-person digital team rebuilt the entire site themselves in less than 90 days. Kellerman led the project, Paulo did the coding, and Kelly used's CMS and visual editor to set up the content on the new site.

"I've had a lot of experience developing ecommerces, but none allowed me to create a high-performance digital experience like did. When Keller told me we could do it I was skeptical - to say the least."
Paulo Gomes, Tech Lead @ Euro Colchões


1. Speed Increase: PageSpeed jumped from 7 to 80 on mobile, significantly enhancing the user experience.

2. Revenue Growth: Sales increased 50% month-over-month.

3. Conversion and Engagement Boost: There was a 26% increase in conversion rate, coupled with a 30% increase in session duration.

4. Improved Online and In-Store Synergy: The enhanced digital experience positively impacted physical store sales, with sellers using the website as a virtual extension to aid in-store shopping.

5. SEO and Organic Traffic: Initiatives for SEO were implemented in-house, thanks to’s configurable features. An increase in high quality organic traffic and a reduction in paid media dependency are expected, although it's still early for definitive results.

6. Operational Efficiency and Consistency:'s native design system streamlined visual consistency and saved significant time.

"Before the migration, many customers would lose patience waiting for the PDPs to load, and in the heat of the moment in-store, they would end up giving up on the purchase. This doesn't happen anymore. In fact, I'm getting more and more comfortable and discovering different ways to use the site as a powerful sales assistant. And I also felt more heard as a franchisee. Euro made a move to really put itself in the customer's shoes, and now we're reaping the fruits."
Anonymous, Franchisee @ Euro Colchões


Euro Colchões' journey with exemplifies the power of digital transformation in bridging the gap between online and physical retail spaces. The team's ability to execute a complete digital overhaul in-house within a short span underlines their commitment to agility and strategic risk-taking. This case serves as an inspiring example for businesses aiming to navigate the digital landscape effectively while staying true to their core values and customer needs.

"I made it a point to go-live before Black Friday. I believe that the culture of taking calculated risks is the key for a successful transformation. It was a message to the whole company that we will do what it takes to grow and prosper."
Kellerman Costa, Head of Digital Transformation @ Euro Colchões
Discover Euro's full journey with in our e-book!

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