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Universal Git-based CMS to build high performance sites, apps and
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High-performance, fast execution, and easy personalization that enables high-volume, content-heavy websites to evolve 10x faster.

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Everything You Need to Build

Easily edit content using a visual CMS with real-time preview and real-time collaboration.
"export interface Props" becomes an easily editable form to give marketers the freedom to update content.
Integrated code editor made for React, Tailwind and TypeScript. Directly edit in browser & sync with a Git repository.
AI assistant for code and content generation to help you get site done faster.
Leverage a rich library of applications, themes, and templates that connect to any API and third-party data sources.
Based on an efficient, secure and future-proof stack: Deno, Tailwind, JSX, TypeScript & HTMX.
CMS with Visual Editor

Evolve Your Business Continuously

Native settings that provide all the tools you need for Search Engine Optimization across any platform.
Personalize content for specific audiences using our native A/B test tool. Create experiments, campaigns and targeted experiences.
Full web analytics, test results, and performance indicators for quick, effective responses.
Start with existing components, styles, and templates, and adjust colors, button styles, and typography to quickly create a unique branded look.
Experience Figma-like collaboration for coding and content editing. Manage revisions effortlessly and gain full control over publications. 
Advanced SEO settings

Scale Up Fast and Safely

Streamline team access with fully customizable role-based controls for secure content management.
Comprehensive observability platform with error logs, tracing and metrics for total control.
Immutable deploys and single-commit environments unlock quick evolution without fear of pushing to prod.
Deploy your site on a globally distributed edge infrastructure designed for seamless scalability, or choose to self-host on your infrastructure.
Built-in edge-distributed SQLite database with every deco site — quickly code forms and any other data entry.
Roles & permissions

Loved by builders.

" makes creating high-performance websites easy!"
Sibelius Seraphini
"Figma, vscode and WordPress abilities all in one interface, this is amazing.. I just wish it could be free for students like me, would have to wait till i get a job to be able to afford this 😣"
"It's exciting to see a platform that not only speeds up frontend development but also fosters collaboration between developers and marketing teams. The seamless integration of modern technologies and the focus on both developer power and ease of use are impressive."
Alex Dulub
"Wow!!! 🚀 This is a game changer for headless ecommerce! Have seen the product in action and it absolutely rocks! The best news is this product has happy live customers using it day in day out and have seen great value out of the tool!"
Andres Pradilla
"Wow, such an impressive product. Really love how you bring together development and content management. The automatic forms based on the typescript models are awesome."
Joep van den Bogaert
"This is AWESOME! I’ve been looking to find something like this for my pages for ages. The Deno core using TypeScript is the ABSOLUTE BEST mix ever. Loved the work you guys are doing. Hope you continue to disrupt even more!"
"oh man, are you folks for real!!! I just checked out the website, git and discord channels (I just joined in) and you are awesome. Open source core and so much more work on git. Bringing partytown to deno etc. etc."
"This looks amazing, like a modern take on Dreamweaver or something. The low code IDE may soon return! The ability to switch between no-code/code is great for teaching people to code. Dreamweaver (and MySpace profiles) basically taught me CSS."
"Man, I don't even know who to tag here hahaha, but I wanted to give my recognition to deco itself! To the folks who founded it and those who keep updating and improving the platform. Excellent work for the client in terms of registration flexibility and simple for the developer!"
Marco Ferreira
"A round of applause for the team that has significantly improved the usability of the Admin since the last hackathon. Both the section editor and the library are GREAT. Special recognition to whoever had the idea and implemented the change to repo branches in the Admin: Great job! 👏"
Gustavo Vasconcellos
"I’m sure you will soar even higher; this is just the beginning. Very grateful for this partnership and for believing in you from the very start. And what a partnership! You are tireless in evolving and suggesting improvements, embracing any challenges we face, and always ready to support and grow with us!"
Julyanne Taboaço

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What is is the frontend platform that bridges the gap between basic no-code site builders and complex full-code setups, allowing businesses of all sizes to create high-performance, fully personalized and AI-native web experiences. Our open-source platform bundles the best-in-class of framework, hosting, CMS, visual editor and code editor.

Does replace my current commerce platform?

No, acts as a complementary headless frontend layer for your existing commerce platform. It integrates seamlessly with any commerce platform that has open APIs, enhancing your store's development, performance and experience, without replacing your current system.

What tech stack does use? uses Deno, Preact, Tailwind, and Fresh. Deno offers a secure runtime for JavaScript and TypeScript, while Preact is a lightweight, React-compatible framework. Tailwind facilitates optimized web styling, and Fresh is a modern server-side web framework designed for Deno.

How does ensure fast websites? employs state-of-the-art techniques to deliver the smallest payloads with minimal latency. These techniques encompass server-side rendering, dynamic image resizing and encoding, server actions, an islands architecture, just-in-time CSS generation, and edge infrastructure spread across 35 regions, among many others.

Can integrate with existing marketing tools?

Yes, can seamlessly integrate with a wide range of marketing tools and platforms, enabling you to streamline your marketing efforts and enhance customer engagement.

Does support multi-language and multi-region ecommerce sites?

Yes, is built to support multi-language and multi-regional functionalities, making it an ideal solution for global ecommerce platforms seeking to provide localized experiences.

What kind of support does offer for developers? provides extensive developer support including: detailed documentation, a responsive community on Discord, and direct access to our technical team for guidance and troubleshooting.

Is suitable for businesses of all sizes?

Absolutely! is designed to scale with your business, whether you are a startup or a large enterprise.

How can I learn more about

For an in-depth understanding of, join our community on Discord, read our documentation, or connect with our sales team.

What does the implementation process with look like?

Implementing involves migrating your ecommerce store's frontend to our tech stack. This can be efficiently executed by one of's system integration partner agencies (SIs), an independent tech expert, or your in-house development team. The time frame varies from 2 weeks to 3 months, depending on your store's complexity. Access our deco Hub for a list of certified SI partners.

Is open-source?

About 80% is already open source at deco-cx/deco (our engine) and deco-cx/apps (our integrations). We are working hard to provide a fully self-hosted and open source version in Q1 2024. Bear with us as we nail the final details that will allow for long term extensibility.

As a developer, can I host multiple customer projects in my personal team?

Yes! Starting from 9 USD / mo you can add custom domains for unlimited sites (according to our free usage policy limits) and even invite collaborators to edit content.

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