How to use apps to add functionality to your sites.

Discover how our headless platform helps e-commerce stores convert more customers by simplifying the creation and maintenance of fast, customizable stores.
01/23/2023·Marcos Candeia, Tiago Gimenes

In this latest release, deco is revolutionizing the way you add functionality to your sites. Welcome to the era of Apps.

What are Apps?

Apps are powerful sets of business capabilities that can be imported and configured in deco sites. An App in deco is essentially a collection of various components, such as Actions, Sections, Loaders, Workflows, Handlers, or any other types of blocks that can be used to extend the functionality of your sites.

With apps, you have the power to define properties necessary for the functionality as a whole, such as application keys, account names, and more.

Store Templates

We've introduced several store templates integrated with platforms like - Vnda., VTEX, and Shopify. Now, you have the flexibility to choose the template that best suits your needs and can easily create your store from these templates.


DecoHub: Your App Hub

With the debut of DecoHub, you can discover and install a variety of apps based on your business needs. If you're a developer, you can create your own apps outside of the deco-cx/apps repository and submit a PR to add them to DecoHub.

Transition from Deco-Sites/Std to Apps

We've migrated from the central integration hub of deco-sites/std to a more modular approach with deco-cx/apps. STD is now in maintenance mode, so be sure to migrate your store and follow the installation steps in our documentation to take advantage of the new Apps ecosystem.

Start Using Apps Now!

Developers, dive into our guide on how to create your first App in Deco. For existing stores, make the migration by running deno run -A -r

This is just the beginning. We're continuously working to enhance our Apps ecosystem and explore new features, such as view transitions and styling solutions.

Stay tuned and let's build the future of web development together!