From challenges to breakthroughs: our remarkable Black Friday story

Preparations, uptime, customer testimonials, and more.
12/13/2023·Maria Cecilia Marques

Since it was founded in August 2022, has sustained amazing growth. Our first customer's online store was ready in May (, and by the Black Friday Cyber Monday period (November 24th to 27th, 2023) we had reached over 20 live projects.

👏🏻 First of all, we want to thank our customers for their support and trust! All live projects can be seen at:

These 20+ stores mean serious business: many are industry leaders, boasting significant traffic and GMV. Together, they have generated a total of 15M pageviews during the BFCM period, peaking at 21:01 pm (GMT-3) on Wednesday, November 22nd.

requests BF 1

requests BF 2

requests BF 3

Total requests from November 20th, 2023 to November 27th, 2023

We managed to keep our uptime at 99.99% during the BFCM period. However, we did face a performance degradation for 1 hour on Wednesday night, in which one of our clients experienced up to 30% of “add to cart” requests failing and slower navigation.

⚠️ This means that, while the incident happened, a share of visitors had a worse-than-average shopping experience. The reason was that Deno, our infrastructure provider, took longer than expected to correctly escalate their infrastructure as the traffic peaked. Even though all preparations were put in place, there was an unforeseen scaling limit in their own infrastructure, which was then addressed and allowed for sufficient scaling.

We are deeply sorry for this service degradation and have taken the actions to prevent similar problems in the future. The reliability of our customer's sites is the number one priority for the Deco engineering team. Apart from this incident, we were happy with a rock-solid performance from our systems during the entire Black Friday critical sales period.

How did we prepare?

This was our first BFCM as, but individually our engineers have had tons of prior experience. As we approached this key period of the year, we took some measures to guarantee our customers' success:

- Optimizing Top Traffic Stores: We meticulously reviewed and optimized resource usage for our top traffic stores.

- Collaboration with Deno: We became a Deno case study and leveraged our relationship with them to have a direct communication channel with their leadership team, which was crucial to solve the degraded service issue as fast as possible.

- Backup Infrastructure on AWS: We built a backup infrastructure using AWS to have a safety net in case Deno had any deeper issues.

- Enhanced Support Channel: We introduced a new centralized support channel on our Discord server for efficient communication with partners and clients in moments of high demand.

Top results

After the BFCM period we reconvened with some of our clients to check on their experiences. Here is a glimpse of their stories:

Embelleze exceeded all ecommerce sales expectations during this BF. On the 24th, we achieved the highest sales in Embelleze's ecommerce history! This was thanks to the deco platform, which provided a practical, fast, and user-friendly shopping experience, Tec4u, which supported us in the transition to deco, and Sourei's expertise, that allowed us to optimize our media spend and have full observability of the results. These changes led to a 125% increase in our Return on Investment (ROI) and a remarkable 144% growth in revenue.

- Aline Augusto, Head of ecommerce, marketplace and media at Embelleze

Embelleze graph 2 Graph showing revenue from Embelleze's ecommerce in the 24 hours of BF 2023. The lines show this year's revenue vs. last year's vs. the target sales for this year.

This Black Friday was a great one for all of our clients that are on I have seen firsthand how deco's platform enables better customer experiences and more efficiency in the day to day management of ecommerces. I've been gaining a lot through out partnership - they actually listen to our feedbacks about the platform's performance optimization tools.

- Henrique Reis, Co-Founder and CEO of Sourei Digital Services

Our ecommerce grew a lot last year and our 2022 Black Friday results were amazing. This year, we chose to dose down on our promotion strategy with less expressive discounts. Even so, we exceeded our original target (to maintain last year's results), increasing our sales in 15%!

- Guilherme Ladowsky, Partner at Aviator

We migrated to deco on September and the impact on performance was instantaneous - we went from an average PageSpeed of 20 on mobile to over 80. This was especially important to us since over half of our sales are through mobile devices. On top of the improvement in performance, we worked with the eplus agency and other partners to increase our storefront conversion rate. And now we are reaping the benefits of these investments - we sold 100% more on this BF vs. the same period last year!

- Tania Puglisi, Head of ecommerce at OpenBox2

Next Black Friday

As for next year's BFCM period, we are looking to have thousands of live projects on, from AI-generated landing pages to the biggest ecommerce operations in the world.