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How Lojas Torra doubled its conversion rate by migrating its ecommerce's frontend to
August 31, 2023
By Maria Cecilia Marques
45 days
Implementation time
Conversion rate
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Lojas Torra, a leading fast fashion retailer in Brazil, was facing a challenge: its e-commerce platform was not living up to its legacy.

Thiago Pereira, Director of Digital Experience at Lojas Torra, explains that the company was actively seeking ways to enhance the digital experience for its customers and, consequently, increase the conversion rate of the online store. According to him, the industry standard was significantly higher than what Lojas Torra was achieving at the time.

Under the guidance of their partner, the e-plus Agency, they decided to focus on increasing the website's performance to improve the end-user experience, implementing the frontend solution provided by

"100% of our clients were struggling with the poor performance of their e-commerce platforms, and everything we did to improve that resulted only in marginal changes. That's when I came across It's the simplest way I know to reap all the benefits of headless, for a fraction of the cost and implementation time."
Tiago Moraes, Tiago Moraes, CEO of E-plus Agency and the driving force behind the project.


The decision was to migrate the frontend of the store without making any changes to the layout. This way, it would be possible to isolate the variables and measure the level of success of the migration to Additionally, the project would progress more quickly, as there would be no time investment on a redesign.

The entire effort was focused on rebuilding the website on with the new stack - Deno Fresh, Preact, and Tailwind CSS - using modular, reusable, and easily customizable blocks. Throughout this process, performance was always the gauge indicating whether the goal was being achieved.


In just 45 days, Lojas Torra's e-commerce was live on With no design changes, the conversion rate jumped from 0.63% to 1.69%, stabilizing at 1.28%. In other words, Torra DOUBLED its conversion rate by focusing exclusively on website performance! Furthermore, sales increased by 37% in the two weeks following the migration and never fell below that level again. 

"These results exceeded our expectations by far. At the time, betting on, a new born startup, was a risky decision, even for my career, but it paid off in the first month!"
Thiago Pereira, Director of Digital Experience at Lojas Torra.


Now that the implementation is complete, the Torra team is using's drag-and-drop editor and experimentation tools to evolve their website at a much faster pace. Changes that used to take over two weeks to complete can now be done in a few hours and published instantly with total security.

With such success achieved, the goal now is to increase conversion by another 50%.

"Now we can develop more sophisticated components and functionalities that are worth much more, while Torra's business team uses this library freely to create new conversion strategies - it's a much better deal for the Agency and the Retailer!"
Gabriel Sampaio, CTO of E-plus Agency.
Discover the full journey of Torra & in our e-book

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