A Page is the fundamental building block of a Site, which will commonly have many Pages. Each Page consists of one or more configured Sections, which can be thought of as modular components that make up the Page's content. A Page will also be associated with a URL path that, when visited, should render such Page. This path can be a static one like /about or something dynamic like /products/:slug, that will match multiple URLs with a dynamic parameter following the URLPattern API.


Pages can be either be Published or Draft, which will impact the visibility of its content.

  • Published: The Page is publicly visible and will be rendered if some user access it's path on the Site.
  • Draft: The Page can only be accessed with a specific URL param ?pageId.

All changes in Published pages automatically create a new Draft Page. This makes sure that no erroneous changes will impact the production traffic of a Site.

After that, it's possible to publish a Draft Page clicking on the Publish button in the Admin.