This article guides you through creating and configuring a website on for an online store using data from the Nuvemshop e-commerce platform Nuvemshop.

Table of Contents

  1. Prerequisites
  2. Creating the Website
  3. Connecting to Nuvemshop


Creating the Website

If you already have a website on, proceed to the next section. Otherwise, follow the steps in this guide to create one.

Ensure that your site is created based on the Store Nuvemshop template below:

Creating the Website on

Connecting to Nuvemshop

To connect to your Nuvemshop account:

  1. Access the admin panel of your site at

  2. In the top bar, select apps.

  3. Select the Nuvemshop App. You will se something like:

  4. Change the account configuration from to your Nuvemshop Store public URL.

  5. After that, you will se a button to get your Store Id and Access Token. Click on this button to be redirected to install the App on the Nuvemshop panel.

  6. You will see a Pop-up like this:

  7. Click on Accept and start using.

  8. Finally, you will be redirected to a screen with the Store Id and Access Token:

  9. Enter these details into the fields on the Panel.

🎉 Congratulations, you have set up the integration with Nuvemshop. To ensure that the integration is working correctly, continue reading and create a reusable collection block.

Adding Your Products to Your Website

After the Nuvemshop setup is complete, try adding a shelf to your website.

  1. Access the admin panel of your site at

  2. In the top bar, select sections.

  3. Select the ProductShelf block and click on the + button.

  4. In the products field, select the Nuvemshop integration.

  5. Fill in the term field with a search, for example, "chá".

  6. Fill in the limit attribute with the number of products to display, let's say 4

  7. Now, in the top right corner, click on Create and give it a name, for example, Coleção 1.

  8. In the top right corner, click on Publish.

  9. Now you can use the Coleção 1 block on any page of your site.