Version: 1.0.0

Issues running deno locally

When running the project locally, deno displays errors or issues while executing the site.

Update deno

Execute the following command to update deno to the latest version...

deno upgrade

In some specific cases, you can also test other deno versions by specifying a version to update to...

deno upgrade --version X.Y.Z

Clear deno cache

Deno efficiently caches dependencies aggressively, which results in a fast server restart time. However, cached dependencies can sometimes have issues or errors in the downloaded versions.

Therefore, we recommend clearing the cache for related files:

deno cache -r dev.ts main.ts

If you encounter errors related to typing or execution, try clearing the local storage as well:

deno eval 'localStorage.clear()'

Depending on the site's installation and configuration, deno may pull dependencies from the "node_modules" directory. Deleting this directory may resolve issues related to npm dependencies.

Check if another application is running on port 8000

If another application is running on port 8000, the deno process may enter a "loop" or encounter a startup failure on that port. Check if there are any other applications running on port 8000.

My changes are not reflected on the production site

Verify if the deploy was successful

In the site repository, check for a marker related to the latest commit. The deploy should have been successful for the code to be considered in production:

Successful deploy.

In case of failure, hover over the error indication to see a description of the problem.

If the system failed on our infrastructure, you can force a new deploy by submitting an empty commit with the command:

git commit --allow-empty -n -m "Redeploy"

Check the environment selector

Check if the environment selector (preview) points to the correct address.

I'm experiencing errors in a specific section, page, or functionality

Update deco and std

New versions of the deco framework and std bring fixes to common project issues:

deno eval 'import "deco/scripts/update.ts"'

A component is not interactive, the click/button doesn't work

Every interactive component should be an island. For that, it must be inside the islands/ page and should not be in a subfolder.

If the loading of any JavaScript fails in the browser, the components can lose their interactivity. Open the console.log to look for JavaScript errors.

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