Installing Apps

Version: 1.33.2


Before you begin, make sure you have a ready Deco site, and the desired App should be available in the Apps directory. If you're unsure how to do this, refer to the tutorial on making an app installable.


An App allows you to add new functionalities to your site in a straightforward manner.

Installing the App

  1. Access the Deco Admin: Start by logging into your Deco Admin account.

  2. Choose the Target Site: After logging in, select the specific site where you want to install the App. You will be directed to the site's homepage.

  3. Access the "Apps" Section: On the site's homepage, navigate to the "Apps" section. This is where you will find all the Apps available for installation. Select to view all "available Apps".

    Apps Section

  4. Add an App Block: Click on "Add" to install an App. This starts the process of creating a block. Configure the block and click on "Create" (give it a name; it's common to use the version, like site@v0).

  5. Explore Installed Blocks: Once installed, you will have access to all the blocks and components that an App includes. These blocks can be integrated into your Deco site to provide additional functionality.

Congratulations! You have successfully installed an App using the Deco Admin. Explore the new capabilities and features that an installed App brings to your Deco site. Feel free to further customize the App or explore other available Apps to expand the functionality of your Deco project. Enjoy managing and enhancing your Deco site! 🚀

You can always change the App settings by clicking on the created block.

Changing App Settings

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