AR&Co kickstarts digital shift: Baw goes headless with

AR&Co. is getting its headless strategy off the ground, with both quality and speed by trusting as its frontend solution.
April 25th, 2024
By Maria Cecilia Marques
PageSpeed Increase
15 - 10
Google Ranking Position
(Immediate) Conversion Growth


Like many brands operating ecommerce platforms, Baw Clothing, pioneer in Brazilian street fashion, struggled with the low performance of its storefront. As a digitally native vertical brand known for its dynamic and fast-paced release cycles, Baw struggled to maintain its distinctive brand identity while meeting the increasing expectations of a discerning customer base. The brand’s existing infrastructure fell short in providing a quick navigation and easy site customization, and was not equipped to handle the rapid content turnover required by Baw's marketing strategies. These inefficiencies hindered conversion rates and sales.

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In response, Baw collaborated with, an open-source frontend platform, to transition its online storefront to a headless architecture. This move aimed to enhance site performance, improve manageability, and streamline content updates. The solution involved leveraging’s comprehensive toolkit which integrates seamlessly with backend systems, enabling more robust and flexible ecommerce capabilities without the need for multiple service providers.

Baw partnered with Nois Agency, one of's System Integrators (SI), for porting its site to the new platform. The transition strategy included an A/B test to directly compare the new system against the old, ensuring the new setup met all operational expectations without compromising Baw's creative vision.


PageSpeed Improvement: The site’s PageSpeed score soared from 8 to over 80 on desktop and over 50 on mobile.

Conversion Rate Increase: During the test period,’s platform achieved a conversion rate 16% higher than the previous system.

Operational Efficiency: There was a notable reduction in the time and resources needed for site updates and feature deployments.

Enhanced SEO: The site rose from 15th to 10th place in Google Search Ranking when comparing the last four months vs. the same period last year.


Through, AR&Co. is getting its headless strategy off the ground, with both quality and speed.

"Managing change in a large organization like AR&Co. / Arezzo & Co. is definitely a challenge. The strategy we've set up with of piloting one brand through an A/B test and then rolling out the solution across the group has been a game changer to guarantee that we innovate effectively."
Fernando Frizzatti (Dex), Co-Founder and CTO of Baw, Head of Architecture at AR&Co

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Discover Baw's full journey with in our e-book!

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