Why We Web

We built the web with audacious ambitions: to wire the world, to connect every human mind, to accelerate progress. But, as we advanced, web development got tangled in complexity. What was once straightforward now feels like navigating a maze of frameworks and services, making it harder for new voices and ideas to emerge.

The need to simplify is urgent. Web development shouldn't feel like a boring puzzle. It should be easy and fun. It should be scalable and observable by default. It should be realtime and collaborative. It should give anyone the autonomy to test new ideas and evolve without fear of "breaking". And it should just work.

With AI, TypeScript, modern browsers, fast runtimes, and affordable edge infrastructure, the web is ready for a breakthrough. This is an invitation for the contrarians, the doers, the ones eager to make their mark: it’s time to cut through the clutter, to build the simpler tools we deserve. It's time to "get site done."

Get site done.