Unleash your creativity and skills in our Landing Page Contest.

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1st Place - R$ 500


2nd Place - R$ 300


3rd Place - R$ 200

How does the
Landing Page Contest works?

Challenge Timeline

Every 2 fridays we will announce a new Theme on Discord, sparking a 12-day marathon of design and development. It's your time to think, innovate, and execute. Example of themes:

”Back to School": 🎒✏️ "Transform classroom boredom into a digital adventure! Create an educational portal where learning is as fun as playing a game. Bonus for interactivity and designs that make students forget they're studying!"

"Carnival": 🎉🎭 "Samba, glitter, and bytes! Develop a website for a virtual carnival parade where the joy is contagious and the design is more colorful than a parade at Sapucaí. Surprise with effects that make everyone want to dance!"

Showcase Your Masterpiece

Submit your landing page creation in the dedicated #landing-page-contest channel on Discord by the deadline. Ensure your submission stands out in 3 evaluation criterias: creativity, performance, and design. Our team will then select the top 3 landing pages submitted and the community will decide who should win the 1st, 2nd and 3rd places.

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One landing page per person?

You can do up to 3 per participant.

Can you do it in a group?

Up to 3 people. But the prize does not increase and will be paid to the person who submitted the project.

How can I find out the themes for the next rounds?

You can't. We only announce the theme on the announcement date.

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