Managing changes and publishing

Version: 1.0.0

It's very important to have control and autonomy to manage your pages and blocks and to have the ability to make and undo changes easily if needed. With that in mind, allows you to create and manage environments.

See Changes and Publish

Let's take a look at the changes we made in this environment. Click the dropdown menu and then select the staging option. You will see this page, showing what was changed compared to the site in production. In our case, we added a new page with a few sections on it. This difference is displayed via JSON, which represents the site's state in a structured way.

Environment Changes

From here, you can publish our changes to production by clicking the "Publish now" button or the "Publish" button next to the environment dropdown.

Rebasing Your Changes

When publishing with multiple environments, you may need to merge your changes with those made in other environments. For example, if you are editing your site in your new environment, maria, while a teammate is editing in the staging environment, and your teammate publishes their changes, you will need to rebase your environment to incorporate the new changes now in production.

In this scenario, instead of seeing the "Publish now" button on the Releases page, you will see a "Rebase" button, as shown below.

Rebase environment

Click this button to incorporate the production changes into your environment. After rebasing, you can publish your changes by clicking the "Publish now" button.

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