Decopilot: your code assistant

As your assistant, Decopilot can help to improve and develop your website. Below, you can see different examples of using it, but feel free to explore the power of AI. For code generation, Decopilot supports both text with the desired request and the insertion of local images. In both cases, you can choose to accept the changes, discard them, or recreate the provided code.

Creating blocks

Blocks are one of the most important concepts on, so Decopilot is ready to be called to create any of this components. Just ask! From loaders and actions to sections, Decopilot will ask if it can proceed with the process of creation or not. Heres a exemple how it work with sections:

Prompt: Create a section saying Hello World!

Create Section

Creating and Editing code

You can explore code generation and edition based on your current code and the creation of new components with Decopilot. For example, when using the prompt:

Prompt: Create a Hero saying Hello World in green tones.

After generating the code, Decopilot replaces your used code, and you can see the result in the preview.

Code gen

Creating and Editing Based on an Image

If you wish to use an image as inspiration, Decopilot can reproduce it when receiving a local image in one of the supported formats (JPEG, PNG, GIF, and WebP) along with the request of what to do. Here is an example of prompt:

Prompt: Reproduce this component to me.

Image into code

Explain and Fix Errors

To further assist the development process, Decopilot can help explain something to you or even fixing errors on your code. Example of prompt:

Prompt: What does this code do?

Explain and fix

Analyze Performance

Your code assistant can be useful to consult your website's performance and give feedback on how to improve it. Here is an example of prompt:

Prompt: How's my website performance?


Based on the features presented, Decopilot's potential to simplify and speed up code development is evident. Try it out now and discover how it can transform your programming experience, making it more efficient and productive!

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