The home represents the user's initial space. From this screen, it is possible to access sites, teams, as well as the deco documentation itself.


Command Bar

On the home page, and throughout the use of the admin, a command bar will always be available in the top bar of the screen. The command bar operates according to the open context. On the home page, it allows searching for and opening user sites and teams.

Command Bar

In addition, it is possible to perform specific commands. The following commands are available on the home page:

  • /open: to open sites or teams (default command when selecting a team or site from the search)
  • /delete: to delete sites or teams


In addition to the command bar, it is always possible to access your user profile from any space in the admin. To do this, access your user photo in the upper right corner.

Access Profile

In it, it is possible to define settings regarding your profile (including your photo), payment details (for users who perform tasks), and an API key for admin usage.

User Profile

API Key (Dev)

The API Key allows you to perform operations in the admin (loaders and actions) with the permissions of your user. In the request for admin loaders/actions, define the x-api-key header that is provided on this screen.



Team management allows configuration of:

  • Sites: Listing of team sites, as well as the ability to move, delete, and open sites
  • Members: Listing of team members, allowing role management and member invitation
  • Billing: Allows hiring and management of the account type for the team
  • Settings: Changes the team name or deletes the team itself
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